Create Unlimited Gmail Account Without Phone Number

Every time we need some Gmail Account but Unfortunately we have limited mobile Numbers and we can not create Gmail Accounts Because of mobile number Verification. Follow me and I will show you the process/Steps to create unlimited gmail accounts with verification of your Mobile Number.

You just need to follow these steps and create unlimited Gmail Accounts.(Use Android mobile otherwise you can do this with Your PC or Laptop).

=>STEP 1.
Go to gmail in Your Android Mobile Phone.

=>STEP 2.
Go to Menu by clicking the three lines on the right top.

=>STEP 3.
Scroll down and then Click on settings.

=>STEP 4.
Click on "add account".

=>STEP 5.
In this new window click on "Google".

=>STEP 6.
Now draw your Pettren. Then click on "cretae account". Then Give your name last name, date of birth, Gender, and Gmail user name, Password and confirm password.

=>STEP 7.
On the "Add Phone Number" just Scroll down and you get "Skip" button. Just click on Skip and your gmail Account is ready without mobile verification. Enjoy it.

I hope you understand these step. If there is any problem so comment bellow i will give you replay as soon as possible.

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