Number of confirmed Corona patients in Pakistan rises to 803.

Number of confirmed Corona patients in Pakistan rises to 803.

Corona virus has been confirmed in 27 more patients in the last 24 hours, followed by Corona virus in Sindh, 352 in Sindh, 225 in Punjab, 108 in Balochistan, according to data from the Corona virus government website. There are 71 patients in Gilgit-Baltistan, 31 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 15 in Islamabad, while 6 have returned to their homes for recovery.

According to official data, Corona has killed three more people in the last 24 hours, following which the death toll from this outbreak has increased to 3 in the country.

Other measures are also needed along with nationwide lockdown

In his message on the occasion of Pakistan Day, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that the nation is celebrating today in a situation where the whole world is in great danger, corona virus outbreak has affected our country, Corona virus The outbreak is a test for us. The political leadership must follow the determination, which was adopted by the resolution adopted by Pakistan. We need to take nationwide lockdown as well as other security measures. All entities must deal with the Corona outbreak and end it forever.

We have no division '

In his tweet, Firdous Ashiq Awan said that the March 23 spirit of Pakistan has been the cause. It is under this spirit that we have to promote solidarity and harmony. There is no division between us to tackle the challenge of Corona, the safety, security and health of the people is our priority. Strengthening joint efforts to control the outbreak.

Karachi and Sukkur airport closed

Karachi Aviation Authority announced the closure of Karachi and Sukkur airport indefinitely from March 24 in view of the spread of the Corona virus.

Corona enters third phase

Experts say the degree to which the Corona virus is in Pakistan has not yet been determined at the government level, but currently Asian countries are seen in the list of victims of Corona, while in Pakistan Corona's category is 2. While the status of the virus has not been determined yet, what is the proportion of virus-related deaths in Pakistan and how fast it is spreading in Pakistan and what will be the speed of the outbreak of the virus. Unaware of the possible devastation of this virus, the virus in Pakistan is now in its third phase (Phase 2) Nears s) which will also accelerate the virus severity.

Lockdown in Sindh

In order to prevent the spread of Corona, lockdown has started from 12pm in Sindh which will continue for 15 days. Lockdown has been named "Care for You", except for the most urgent need for citizens to leave their homes during lockdown. Items only shops and medical stores are open.

Seeking help from Punjab Army

The Home Department of Punjab has formally sought the help of the army from the federal. In a letter sent to the federation, the situation in the Karuna virus was mentioned. The letter states that under Article 245, the proper number of Pak army should be allocated with the help of civil administration.

Shahbaz Sharif Corona Test

Medical experts suggested N-League President Shahbaz Sharif to undergo a quick corona virus test, and he should take at least 14 days of quarantine so that the lives of others, including them, would be protected.

Fawad Chaudhry's Corona Test

Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry said in his video on Twitter that he had returned from the US three days ago and had conducted his Corona test, not only restricted himself to return but was also in complete isolation and at his home. Didn't even meet the ones.

Corona Virus Prevention Precautions:

1: Wash hands thoroughly with an alcohol solution or anti-septic soap. The washing process should take at least one minute. This can greatly help in preventing infection.

2: If you suffer from cough and nausea, wear a mask and also wash your hands with disinfectant soap after wearing and removing the mask.

3: The World Health Organization has stated that if you are healthy you do not need to wear a N-95 mask. A simple mask can also be worn instead. But it is very important to wear the mask correctly, keeping in mind the gap between the mask and the face.

However, it is important to dispose of disposable masks. Although the World Health Organization has stated that the corona virus cannot remain active outside the human body for long, the disposable mask must be buried.

4: Avoid crowds and crowds and keep people away.

5: Avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth repeatedly. In this case the unknown viruses on the hands can go inside the body.

6: Boil water, wash your hands and make wuzu 'as usual.

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