Corona virus: limited to one billion people worldwide

Corona virus: limited to one billion people worldwide.

In a time when the death toll from the Corona virus has increased to 11,000 worldwide, the United States has taken drastic measures of lockdown while most cities are closed throughout Europe. By Saturday, a billion people around the world have been locked up in their homes.

As a result of this pandemic, the daily routine of the planet is stalled, the mail is closed, Schools are closed and millions of people are forced to work from home.

President Donald Trump says the United States is winning the war against the virus, while individual states have dramatically imposed civilian sanctions.After California, New York and Illinois have also asked people to be confined to their homes.

Globally, the death toll from the virus has risen to 11,000, while in Italy alone there have been 4000 deaths, where the number of daily casualties has increased rapidly over the past week.

According to data compiled by the international news agency, AFP, more than 90 million people have been locked up in 35 countries around the world. There are 60 million people who have been asked to stay confined to homes as a result of government lockdowns.

The World Health Organization has issued a warning that young people may also get the disease, while the Corona virus can soon be affected by the elderly and people whose immune systems are less prone to another disease.

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