Corona Virus: South Korea Introduces Prevention Method

Corona Virus: South Korea Introduces Prevention Method

South Korea is also one of the countries where the deadliest outbreak of the Corona virus carries its claws.

South Korea wants to control this deadly epidemic, thanks to its sophisticated technology and artificial intelligence. South Korea began collecting large-scale public and foreign nationals data to fight the virus in a short time to control the virus.

The South Korean government is also collecting data from all public and non-governmental NGOs, hospitals, financial services, mobile operators and other services, with citizens and foreigners.

The foreign news agency reports that if a person is diagnosed with the Quad-19 virus, the collected data will be used to provide information about the affected person, his travel details, activities and all the details of the past two weeks through mobile notification. Will be sent.

South Korea has set up a temporary medical center for the victims, where the victims of the Corona virus will live and work and will be tested there.

The government will also provide daily necessities to its citizens through technology and artificial intelligence. Citizens can buy only two masks at a time by displaying their ID card at a nearby store while on the basis of ID card they can also buy a limited quantity of food items.

More than 8,000 people have been affected by the Corona virus outbreak in South Korea, while 102 people have died from the virus.

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