How Does the Corona Virus Affect You?

How Does the Corona Virus Affect You?

The virus that causes Covid-19 is spreading all over the world right now. About 6 types of corona virus infect humans, some of which cause the common cold, and some cause an outbreak such as cirrus and marshes.

The corona virus is named after its shape, with spike-like spikes protruding from its surface. The virus is wrapped in a bubble of oil-lipid molecules, which is separated by soap.

The virus enters the nose, mouth, or eyes through the body, then binds to cells in the gut that form a protein called ACE2. It is said that the virus originated in bats, which is caused by similar proteins.

The virus then infects the cell by fusing its oil membrane with the cell membrane. Once ingested, the corona virus releases a portion of the genetic material called RNA.

The genome of a virus is less than 30,000 genetic characters (more than 3 billion in humans). The infected cell reads the RNA and starts making the protein. It stabilizes the immune system and helps to develop new forms of the virus. Antibiotics help kill bacteria but are not effective against viruses. Researchers are researching antiviral drugs that can break down viral proteins and prevent infection.

As the infection progresses, the cell's machinery begins to shed new spikes and other proteins that form more forms of the corona virus. These new forms are assembled and transported to the outer edges of the cell.

The infection then begins to spread. Each infected cell can release millions of new forms of the virus before the cell breaks down and disappears. The virus can also affect nearby cells or end up in the form of droplets in the lungs.

This infection of the corona virus causes fever as the immune system tries to eradicate the virus. In severe cases the immune system is defeated and may begin to invade the lung cells. Fluids and dead cells become obstructed in the lungs, which makes breathing difficult. A small amount of infection can lead to severe respiratory distress syndrome and possibly death.

Coughing and sneezing causes the virus to pass out, in which the virus can remain infected for several hours to several days. The CDC recommends that patients with COD-19 wear masks to protect other people from the virus release. Doctors and others who care for affected people should also wear masks.

Future vaccines can help the body produce antibodies that will target such viruses and prevent human cells from being infected.

Soap is very effective at eradicating viruses and the best way to avoid corona virus is to wash hands with soap, do not touch the face, keep away from sick people, and regularly clean up frequently used areas. Please.

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