How to Do Keyword Research for Blog in 2020.

How to Do Keyword Research for Blog in 2020.

As you want to write an SEO friendly post for your blog or website so slection of best keyword is most important part. If you don't have a proper and selective keyword
so this is either easy to get high rank not get more traffic. Then let known How to Do Keyword Research for Blog in 2020.

First of all this is more important to know that what is Keyword Research?  Keyword Research is a procces in which we can analyse a particle keyword for our post and then we rank that keyword. For example we select a keyword for this post which is "How to Do Keyword Research for Blog in 2020." Now we search for the monthly traffic for this keyword, also compition for this keyword after that we choose and select that keyword. If you are new a you don't have any traffic or visitors so you need to choose that keyword which have long tail and have Low compilation. If you choose high compilation and short tail keyword and your blog are also younger so it is hard and near to impossible to get rank and get traffic.

How to Do Keyword Research for Blog in 2020?

The biggest problem for keyword research is how to pick a keyword by which we can research and get our particular keyword. For example if we don't have any keyword( idea) so we how we can research and how we get a proper keyword. So first of all you need to select some ideas and keyword and then analyse that ideas(keywords) to get your proper keyword. Bellow are some link from wear you can get ideas for writing new post and get a better keyword.

1. Google Trends. 

Google trends is top way to find new and viral topics. Here you can easily get trending topics and ideas. It will show up you traffic and search volume for that topics also it give you a category for different ideas you can choose related to your blog or niche and then you get a new and viral idea and keywords.

2. Quora.

If you use Quora so there is also a brust of new keyword and ideas. You can create a list of different ideas and then with the help of any tools you can analyse your list. By that you get a proper keyword for your post. A keyword which has search volume from 100-10k and also have low compilation then select that keyword.

3. Comments Reading.

It also a well know method for piching a keyword to write high rank post. Search for the same category of niche or blogs and then read there comments where you can find new ideas and keyword. Also you use this method in YouTube where you get more and more keyword and tipics for writing a post. And same as above use a tool to analyse you keyword and then write post.

4. Use Google Search.

This is a new way to pich a list of keyword. In this method sesrch in Google for something where you find similar topic and keyword at very billow of Google 1st page. Which is basically to tail of you keyword. So repeat it for many time you will get a proper keyword.

So as you know that How to Do Keyword Research for Blog in 2020. This is not as easy as you think. But be smart and get work hard you can do. If you want to get high rank and high traffic so you need to do this. I hope you enjoy and learn something more. Also if you have any problem then feel free to comment bellow. And don't forget to follow us from bellow with you can  get all notifications and updates from us.
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