How to start blogging and earn money

How to Start Perfect Blog.

Blogging is an informative like world wide web site where you can share you ideas, tips, and tricks for those who need it. It give you a complete platform to share you opinion. Blogging is like a dairy you can write post and share on it. Blogging is a back side of website picture if you want to create website which you have the complete knowledge of coding and hosting. But if you don't know about coding so blogging is a way that you can easily share your ideas on it.

How to start a perfect blog?

There some  way to start a perfect Blog are listed bellow.

1. Choose a Keyword/Topic.

To start a blog the first step is choosing a topic. Choose topic is the biggest problem of now days blogger. But it very easy think about your mind and focus on that word that topic on which you have complete knowledge. So start on that topic. Or otherwise search on google there is lot of website which give you some topic and you can choose from it.

2. Choose A Blogging Platform

When you choose topic for your blogging so it time to choose a blogging platform. Million of website are available on internet which give you a perfect blogging platform. But all of them are have there own features, themes, style, plugins etc which you can choose. But blogging and WordPress are the biggest own platform for that propose.

3. Conform Domain Name.

After the selection of platform you need to give name to your blog. That is the most important part of starting blog. Select or choose name that is more related and relevant to your blog. You can also search on google where you choose a domain name for you blog. Select that name which is more easy for people to search.

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4. Use Costum Theme.

Use a better theme for your blog that attract people to word itself. In my case I try more then 50 theme on my blog after that I got a perfect theme. There is website on internet which is give you free of cost template for you blog. You can download that template and set it on your blog.

5. Post and Promote

Now your blog is ready and you need to post on it. Write a high class post and relevant to you blog and topic. First of all understand you audience that your audience like which type of post. Also it important that clear and identify your first post on blog. Search Several time on internet or google for you post and then publish post on blog.

After the publishing of post then it time to promote it. You can promote you post and blog on different platforms. Some of them are free while other one is paid platform. But in this time your blog are too younger and it have no many post so choose free method to promote your content. Use social media where billions of people are active every day. You can set you post in front of them and get a high traffic. Facebook is one of them which give you more and more traffic and easily promote you younger blog.

6. Apply For Google AdSense.

When you promote you blog on free or paid promotions and you get some traffic so it time to exchange you traffic and hardworking into money. Apply for Google AdSense. When AdSense give you approval then manage and show ads on you blogs. The more ads you show on blog the more dollar you generate.

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