Play pubg mobile without using internet | pubg mobile offline

Play Pubg Mobile Without Using Internet || Pubg Mobile Offline
Are you one of them which love to play Pubg but you have limited internet or have no internet connection. So this article is a complete guide that how to play Pubg mobile without internet or play pubg in offline mode.

Pubg are now days most popular game around whole world for both IOS and android user with more then 50 million downloads, but lots of people don't play pubg because of internet connection. While pubg mobile game is an online game so how to play pubg in offline without internet connection so let get start.

Step to remember before play pubg mobile offline.

  • Update your pubg game because this trick is only work with latest version.
  • Now we are playing pubg without internet so turn off you data connect because we don't need data.
  • As we play pubg mobile game offline so we can only able to play training mode, because all other mode like solo, dual, squad and war mode etc need to connect to internet. So we an only play training mode without internet connection.

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Play Pubg Mobile Offline Without Using Internet.

Step 1
Turn off you mobile data.

Step 2
Play pubg(player unknown bettleground) in your smartphone.

Step 3
Now to go to match opption here you can see training mode in the bottom of the screen.

Step 4
Now play in training mode, here you can play without internet connection and complete in offline mode. You can train yourself and find out which type of weapon are suit to you.

Follow the above step then you are able to Play pubg mobile without using internet | pubg mobile offline. For any query or any problem feel free to comment below. We are replay to you as soon as possible. Also follow us on social media and YouTube.

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