Some of the major causes of Corona virus in China.

Some of the major issues of Corona virus in China.

According to a news report, more than 2000 people have lost their lives in China as a victim of the Corona virus, while more than one million are victims of the virus. China is our most trusted friend, a friend who is more loyal than brothers' The whole world can leave but China never leaves Pakistan alone. That is why the US could not harm Pakistan despite want. He knows that China and Pakistan are two bodies together. Ever since the invasion of the Corona virus has started in China.

Every Pakistani is praying for his great friend, of course we too. If we look at the causes of the disease, there are several reasons. The aim is to destroy China's development and economy. This is done by anti-Chinese countries using biological weapons.

They feared that the Corona virus was first released into animals after which it transmitted to humans. And so far the virus has followed its specific agenda. Almost all countries in the world are not only afraid of Chinese citizens, but also the international trade of Chinese goods has collapsed. - Older contracts are also being abolished. New airlines have stopped their flights to China.

According to the WHO, there is also the possibility of banning Chinese food products after establishing an emergency around the world. One reason is that Rehman Malik has been told while the other reason is the food of the Chinese in which every poisonous animal (dog 'scorpion) 'Pigs' snakes, adhesives, cats, bats, mice, which can cause fatal diseases such as the Crohn's virus from eating. I watched a video in which a father was pouring live insects into a bowl with a spoon in his youngest son's mouth, and the baby was having a lot of fun.

Such insects are declared by Islam to be the same. The Qur'an has set a limit which every Muslim considers his first duty: 'Allah knows best what is needed and beneficial for the betterment of the physical system of his servants. ۔ Therefore, the second cause of the spread of the Corona virus is the Chinese 'own diet, which needs to be changed at all times. Toxins in their physiological organs cannot be eliminated until they change their diet. The third cause of the Corona virus is Muslims living in Baghuristan province of China, whom Chinese military and police have forbidden to live.

The language of the Arab countries has become such a language. They see nothing but their trade. If all the Chinese, Burmese, Kashmiri, Indian and Palestinian Muslims are killed, then pay a word in their language. Will not While the Government of Pakistan does not want to ruin its relations with China for the Uighur Muslims. But Allah's rod is sound. ' If the bulldoze is carried out, then the violence of the oppressed Muslims will surely reach the universe. Similarly, the cruelty that the Burmese army and government killed their fellow Muslims, their homes were set on fire and their synagogues were made ashore.

Thousands of Muslims have been martyred at the hands of the Burmese army. Some, in the eyes of the sea, have left millions of their homes and taken refuge in Bangladesh, where in the worst environment they are forced to live worse than animals. When the oppression is exceeded then it disappears. Now for the Chinese rulers, the Chinese army and all the institutions of security, my message is that they should read the words and enter the whole of Islam in religion which is indeed for the Chinese people. Will be a safe haven. I'm glad the Chinese president arrived at the mosque

The Quran, which is the Holy Book of Allah, has repeatedly warned unbelievers that when oppression in the world increases and God's devotion begins to be challenged, then there will be punishment for that which they have ever encountered. Which of the three reasons is right and which is not? The decision will be known only after the difficult time is over.

There is no doubt that God's mercy begins where man's boundary is reached. Hadith is blessed. One who unjustly killed a man killed the whole of humanity. In the context of this hadeeth, China cannot afford to kill the Muslims who are at their feet, but the door of repentance is always open.

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