Top 7 step guide to build a micro niche blog| Earn $300/ from adSense.

Top 7 step guide to build a micro niche blog| Earn $300/ from adSense.

Hello Friends! Today in this post we are learn that how we can build a micro niche blog and earn money online.
Today we can learn the complete process and steps that how create a micro niche which have 3 or 5 pages and by that you can earn money.

1. Selection for Domain.

To build a micro niche website you need to setup your idea and mind around a torget keyword or torget topic. Select topic that is complete refflect you niche website  then selct a domain name which complete related to your micro niche website or blog. There is lot of website which help you to select a domain for your website.

2. Keyword Planner. 

Use keyword planner to research for spefic keyword and topic for your micro niche website. Select that keyword which have high CPC, give you a huge number of traffic, and easy to search. Use Google keyword planner tool to torget a keyword and analyse your topic for high traffic.

3. Plan Your Content.

Planning for content is also a part of build a micro niche website. Plan your content and post for your website. Use long tail keyword and write atleast 15+ article on your blog or website.

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4. Micro niche blog setting up.

Once you have complete all the above task then you need to setup your blog. If you know that how we can setting up for micro niche blog then it easy for you. But also focus on you content that is the main attraction for yourmicro niche blog.

5. Social media page.

Create a social media page for your micro niche blog. This set up is give you more traffic from social media. You can use Facebook for this purpose also. Because Facebook have a lot of traffic which are free to watch and read so use that traffic and get high rank on Google.

6. Backlink + Promotions.

Backlink is part to rank high on Google. But if you can regularly share your link on social media and share in YouTube videos so it is give you a high promotion and give you a high number of traffic.

7. Monotization. 

Monotization is the final step that give you a chance to show ads on your micro noche website. As you get high rank and you have a number of traffic then it time to apply for Google adSence. When Google adSense give you approval then you setup your website for ads and show ads on your website. This can exchange your hardwork into money and can easily make upto $300/ month. This is only an example as you get more traffic then you get more money from micro niche blog.

It is only a few step in which i try to cover that how to build a micro niche blog and easily can earn money upto $300/month. If you can't have a full time jobs so you can easily make money using this way.

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